Since 1983, Tooling Systems Group (TSG) has grown into 13 interrelated businesses, manufacturing innovative, turnkey tooling solutions for a variety of car, appliance, aerospace, and agriculture industries. With over 600 employees and 675,000+ sq. ft. of floor space across their companies, TSG engaged with us to align their brand with the global reputation their businesses have earned.

Leaning into their shared history throughout their businesses, we crafted a modern, utilitarian brand for the next stage of growth into electric auto makers and a host of new technologically oriented opportunities. Bold fonts, vibrant imagery, with a dash of fresh neon help to separate and identify TSG as a partner adept for the future of electronic automobiles and global sourcing. The logo directly reflects tooling materials coming together in precision and integration modeled after TSG’s innovation and expertise. The website redesign focuses on utilizing new brand imagery and content to showcase their size and capabilities as well as integration of the new brand.

Marketing Strategy & Research
Vision & Values Development
Branding & Logo Development
Brand Guidelines
Branded Marketing Materials
Taglines, Voice, & Messaging
Web Design & Development
Photography Art Direction

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“Tooling Systems Group (TSG) recently worked with Company Bell on a rebranding project that included developing a new logo and updating our web site. Sounds simple enough, but when you factor in that our organization is made up of 13 different companies, with common ownership, common structure, shared resources, and complimentary products & services it made the project seem somewhat daunting.

Working with Company Bell dramatically simplified the project and made it very fun. During our provider selection process, Company Bell said they could be very creative while maintaining the necessary flexibility to fit whatever our budget needed to be. Jon and Joy’l delivered on that promise and provided us with multiple design options which resulted in a new logo that captured the commonality of our businesses while also allowing them to maintain their uniqueness’s.

Throughout the process, Company Bell’s knowledge and experience served as a roadmap to the finish line, as well as guardrails to keep the process on track. We could not be happier with the results! Our new brand identity and comprehensive web page look remarkably modern, professional, and consistent. From start to finish Company Bell was a pleasure to work with.”

– Tony Baker, Tooling Systems Group
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