The average American household has over four Bibles, likely they’re often collecting dust up on a bookshelf, yet the average American church attendee wishes they knew the letters and stories that comprise the Bible now more than ever. It’s an interesting situation where the more we’ve over-organized and compartmentalized the Bible’s narrative, the less people are picking it up and engaging with it.

Immerse is a revolutionary project spearheaded by some of the most brilliant minds when it comes to presenting Biblical text. Stripped of late additions like chapter and verse numbers and subheadings, Immerse presents the Bible in its chronological order, in an easy to read book-like format.

We partnered with The Institute For Bible Reading and Tyndale Publishers with the goal of creating a visual brand that was entirely different than the leather bound products most people associate with the Bible. The inspiration was to create a  look that felt more like a coffee table book, something you wouldn’t immediately place up on the shelf, but rather a set of books you’d be excited to hold in your hands. We also developed an 8-week reading plan and established curriculum-like guidance to help communities of churches or friends read, discuss, and experience the Bible, quite often for their first time.

As the original authors of the Bible moved ink over papyrus or animal skins, our beautiful commissioned artwork stretches across the canvas of the book covers, echoing the richness of the most iconic stories ever told.

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“From the beginning, our organization has worked with Company Bell on a myriad of projects including logo design, website design, video productions, and much more. Jon Bell and his team are good strategic thinkers, imaginative, nimble, and reliable. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their professional expertise and warmhearted personal relational skills. At least with us, they really believe in our mission and their work proves it.”

– Scott Bolinder, Executive Director, Institute for Bible Reading

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