Whether we think along these lines often, or just occasionally, everyone eventually asks ‘the big questions’ of themselves. Who am I, really? What am I doing here? Am I doing what I should be doing with my life? With Kent Dobson, you dive deep into the waters of soulwork, of self-discovery, and tapping into the threads that run deep within us.

Kent Dobson is a renowned teacher, mentor, companion, tour guide, and successful podcaster. Kent’s skillset is completely unique in his ability to guide those of us asking the deepest questions about ourselves and the environments that we surround ourselves in.

After a personal life-changing experience of Kent’s companion guiding, we knew we had to take Kent to the next level with his practice by creating an entirely new visual look and feel for him. Kent needed a platform to share his story. We built an identity suite based heavily on nature with the images slightly skewed to represent the deep dive into discovery of one’s self and the world. An icon set of geometric shapes were created to be used as symbols representing distinct programming opportunities. These elements are combined with earth tones across a newly designed website, social platforms, and print materials.

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“Working with Company Bell was the best decision I made to go to the next level with my own creative offerings in the world. Jon and his team want to understand my own passions and sense of vision. Working with Jon was challenging in all the best ways, as well as affirming. I walked away with a better sense of what I was trying to do in the world, as well as why I was trying to do it.”

– Kent Dobson
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