Since 1876, Calvin Theological Seminary has been faithfully preparing leaders to nurture disciples and serve the church. Today, they’re still preparing leaders, but they’re also navigating and adapting to a whole new set of challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing, multicultural world.

We engaged with Calvin Seminary to help usher in a newly updated visual identity for the Seminary. Our work involved multiple photoshoots on campus, capturing their diverse and beautiful landscape. We then moved into updating the seminary’s logo suite and building out a comprehensive brand guide.

Our work helped to create a strong brand presence for the Seminary in the marketplace, a brand look and feel that is scholarly, communal, and formative. This is represented through visual graphics that reflect the communal spaces at the Seminary, the thought and speech waves shared through academic and religious thought and the overlapping of shapes to represent formation of people and ideas.

Branding & Logo Development
Brand Guidelines
Branded Marketing Materials
Taglines, Voice, & Messaging
Digital Ad Design
Print Ad Design
Photography Art Direction