Amway Global Strategic Planning is a division constantly on the lookout for future trends within the Amway business model. In their research, they discovered was that many of their new Amway Business Owners (ABO’s) were taking advantage of the gig economy’s opportunities while they were launching their businesses. Which makes sense, as it takes a little while for their business to gain momentum.

We worked with the team at Amway to specifically address ABO’s who were driving for Uber or Lyft. Our solution was to designed and develop an iPad app that could hang over the passenger seat headrest, offering the rider a complimentary snack of an Amway product. As most riders don’t want to be bothered, the presence of the app allowed conversation to spark naturally.

The app launched in Amway’s England market and after just a few month our analytics built into the app were showing consistent usage.

iOS App Design & Development