SEEQR™ was a security screening system made to detect explosives and narcotics using radio frequencies. The patented technology emits a low frequency that penetrates enclosures, tissue and body, detecting the resonance of molecules found in most explosive compounds, including TNT, HMX, PETN, RDX, ammonium nitrate, and urea nitrate. The unit is unassuming by design and was made to be deployed anywhere explosives detection is a priority, including airports, stadiums, corporate and government facilities, package screening centers and international border checkpoints. Unfortunately, as is the case with many high-risk, high-reward projects, the technology wasn’t able to achieve necessary benchmarks to be deployed.

Even though the project didn’t see completion, we’re proud of the work we did to springboard this unique product for opportunities around the world, including successful investments by Delta Airlines.

Our work included naming, brand, and identity development. Further work entailed a lead generating website, spec sheets and viewbook, sales brochures, a wide variety of investor decks and informational packets, and even a large scale tradeshow display. We still think of this project every time we walk through the Delta International terminal, where we filmed the SEEQR video.

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