One of the funniest people we know, Tim Cusack is a gift to every room he encounters. Tim delivers workshops and keynotes all across the country to a wide variety of audiences. He’s often in corporate settings, schools and higher ed, gala events, and a host of comedy clubs, improve clubs, and even nationally syndicated radio. Tim always leaves audiences amazed by his ability to get an entire room to laugh while connecting on a deep, personal level.

We created a new personal brand for Tim that has lighthearted sensibilities, but is still strong enough to convey the depth of Tim’s original material. Pairing big live event photography with personal headshots and a full video library, we worked with Tim to write and present his best ideas through a new website.

We certainly recommend that you hire Tim, but more than that, take a minute to appreciate a life’s work that has help literally hundreds of businesses and thousands of people live happier lives.

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