599Work is a project where freelance creative workers provide a menu of jobs they would do for $599 (to avoid the 1099 tax return). It’s a way for freelancers to fill up their schedules and find new clients, and for businesses to try out new talent.

599Work is about providing a place of connection for projects that deserve an artist even when an artist may be hard to find. 599Work is a website specifically tailored to connecting creative pros and clients.

In June of 2011, Jon won 5×5 Night and began working on implementing the idea. Here’s the write-up from The Grand Rapids Press.

After further investment by Start Garden in April 2012, 599Work was developed and grew West Michigan’s highly creative community. The community of creative talent reached to over 100 freelancers, but with a source a revenue the hours it took to maintain and promote didn’t justice the continued involvement.

If you would like to see the return of 599Work, please don’t hesitate to reach out and make it known!