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    Having the best idea in the room is one thing. Giving that idea life is quite another. With years of strategic experience, BELL has developed a reputation for generating, developing, and communicating ideas that are not only bought, but believed in.


    Campaigns begin by defining a story that needs to be told, and telling that story to the masses. Done right, campaigns are forces of nature. They’re carefully prepared, planned, and boomed out for the whole world to see. BELL specializes in the development of campaigns that compel.


    First impressions mean everything. Bad ones are easy to ignore. Good ones are impossible to forget. From logos, to print, to web, to all-out brand development BELL will make sure your brand leaves a lasting mark—a mandatory in today’s fast-paced culture.


    Technology changes often. And so does the way your clients and potential customers interact with your brand. For a world that’s constantly connected, BELL gives brands what they need—responsive websites that look great on any device, employing beautiful photography with cleverly-written copy.

  • FILM

    With a reel boasting a variety of short films, live films, animated projects, and documentaries, BELL has the experience and ability to take any project from story to screen.


    BELL has had the pleasure of turning his own ideas into businesses, even successfully selling one of them. Schooled in Lean Startup, he works for many hours each week advising new start ups and small businesses as they swim upstream with their own pioneering ideas.


    Events are a success when they’re meticulously planned and exuberantly promoted. And it’s the smallest details that can make an event a memorable experience or a complete disaster. BELL has produced over 300 events, including world speaking tours, live concerts, and entire conference events attended by thousands.